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Understand the VAT Regulations in Malta

Operating companies must adhere to the general VAT rate of 18% for most goods and services. However, there are certain circumstances that may allow for lower rates to be applied. Regardless of the VAT rate applied, it is important for companies to ensure compliance with Maltese VAT regulations in order to avoid penalties and fines. This can include registering for VAT with the Maltese tax authorities, charging and collecting VAT on eligible taxable supplies and services, and submitting regular VAT returns. 

Seeking professional guidance on VAT services in Malta can also be helpful in ensuring compliance and managing VAT obligations effectively.

Certain industries, such as the gaming industry, can also operate without charging VAT, if they satisfy certain criteria as prescribed in the VAT Act of the laws of Malta. On the other hand, operating within the hospitality industry and provide short let accommodations are allowed to charge VAT compliance at the rate of 7% before the relevant tax period ends.

Three distinctive Articles (A10, A11 & A12) in the VAT Act, determine if the company should be registered or not for VAT. The Maltese VAT Act, allows a great number of companies to deduct the VAT declarations it incurred on its economic taxable activities and reduces the cost of the expenses incurred during the standard tax period.

Furthermore, Maltese companies registered for VAT purposes under Articles 10 & 12 can apply for the Reverse Charge Mechanism when doing intra-community trade. Hence, if a Maltese company purchases goods from another member state of the European Union, it neither pays VAT obligations outside of Malta nor in Malta.

Lastly, companies registered under Article 10 are allowed to deduct the input VAT incurred and end up paying less output VAT.

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Experience First-Rate VAT Services in Malta

If you need a reliable and trusted tax representative for VAT management and obligations in Malta, count on Borg Galea Limited. Licensed by the MFSA and the Maltese Accountancy Board, our expert tax advisors offer sound VAT advice and assistance related to VAT procedures and VAT treatment of specific economic transactions.

We understand that your business needs a trusted partner who can help amplify your financial control through effective accounting systems, documentation procedures, and tax and VAT compliance and regulations. When you partner with us, you will have access to our wealth of knowledge and experience in Malta taxation.

When you choose VAT services for your Malta-based company, you let our tax specialists handle the smallest minutiae of your VAT-related obligations. Our services cover securing the unique VAT registered number, filing and submission of periodic declarations and VAT payment, and submission of VAT returns or refund requests.

Give our office a call today at +356 2703 7012 to partner with us. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form with your particulars if you wish to discuss our services in more depth or send us an email at One of our expert tax advisors will get in touch with you within 24 hours. All information and queries will be handled in confidentiality.

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