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Maximise Your Company’s Tax Refunds

Malta continues to attract numerous investors due to its transparent, completely onshore, but exceptionally competitive tax system. Malta’s tax system fully conforms with the European Union legislation and is backed up by over 70 Double Taxation agreements but allows for rates as low as 5%, adding amazing value to your Malta-based company.

Malta also has an impressive professional financial services sector and a robust regulator which ensures the provision of top-notch advice in matters related to international tax systems. 

For assistance with the Maltese taxation system, turn to Borg Galea Limited.

Get Professional Tax Refund Advice From a Trusted Auditing Agency

A reliable Malta firm can help you get lucrative international tax planning opportunities and organise business activities to achieve a more tax-efficient operation. 

Borg Galea Limited can provide you and your company with beneficial tax back advice using Malta’s corporate tax system. We assist in the planning and building of a tax-efficient corporate structure for your Malta-based business. We work to fulfill all your company’s compliance requirements while planning dividends, issuing dividend warrants, and preparing your tax return applications in Malta.  

Tax Refund in Malta for 2021

Your tax refund claim form needs to be prepared and submitted to the International Corporate Tax Unit (ICTU) by a certified tax professional. Generally, this particular service is provided by your company’s auditor once the audit of your financial statements has been finished.

Borg Galea Limited has a team of highly capable certified public accountants with several years of experience dealing with various international businesses. If you’re planning to set up a Malta company or you’re already here and would like us to assist you, then contact us now.

Reach out to us; dial +356 2703 7012, email us at, or fill in our contact form.

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Nathaniel Borg

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