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When you become a client of Borg Galea & Associates, you will be supported by our teams of expert qualified individuals and all of their knowledge and past experience. Our goal is not to present you with just numbers, but with our proactive, friendly and business acumen approach, we believe to be adding value to your business at each and every service stage.

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Our Services

We are proud to provide a vast range of financial and business advisory services to local and foreign individual and businesses

Accounting Advisory Services

Assisting Start-Ups

Corporate Finance

Corporate Restructuring

Remote Gaming

Risk and Compliance


Company Law


Employment Law


What Makes Us Different ?

Our clients benefit from a wealth of experience garnered through years of work in taxation, accounting, auditing and advisory engagements.

Vigorously working to attract highly qualified professionals and by cultivating the best talent possible, we combine the best teams to help you turn your objectives into reality.



The Impact, Advantages, and Challenges of Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

The Impact, Advantages, and Challenges of Modern Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

1. Introduction to ERP Systems Modern ERP systems are evolving and expanding. With developments of new technologies such as cloud computing, mobile applications, and big ...
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The Role of ESG in the Oil and Gas Industry_ A Focus on the Middle East

The Role of ESG in the Oil and Gas Industry: A Focus on the Middle East

1. Introduction to ESG and its Relevance in the Oil and Gas Sector In recent years, investment strategies have shifted, and capital allocation decisions now ...
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The advantages when purchasing and registering a yacht in Malta.

The advantages when purchasing and registering a yacht in Malta.

For yacht owners looking for a strategic and advantageous location to register their vessel, the archipelago of Malta in the Mediterranean presents an enticing option. ...
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“I have been a client of Borg Galea & Associates for 5 years and have always found their services to be extremely professional and approachable. They support me through many financial tasks, both on a personal level and in respect of my company. They also enlist the help of other professionals to ensure that informed decisions are made. I highly recommend their services.”

Daniel Cutajar
Director - Dino’s Motors

“Borg Galea & Associates have always managed to exceed our expectations in terms of quality of service. Very professional, friendly team who is always there to help. Reliable, meticulous in their work, and deliver on time. Highly recommended.”

Natalie Vella Wright
Director - Billboard Connection, Malta

“Borg Galea & Associates has been successfully supporting us in annual audits for several years. During our collaboration, we have only had positive experiences. In particular, the support from Nathaniel Borg was always characterized by quick and unbureaucratic help. Furthermore, a strong relationship of trust has built up, which ensures long-term cooperation.”

Matthias Keck
CEO & Founder - Devrock Ltd

“Working with Borg Galea & Associates has transformed the way we carry out our business activities, making our lives easier. The team helped us to understand our business, the challenges we faced and also assisted with how we can enhance our daily operations. We are pleased with their services in auditing, taxation and professional advisory, as well as their professional approach and high level of responsiveness. For sure we recommend the use of their services, and we are grateful to have Borg Galea & Associates to support us with our business growth.”

Renata Rukstelyte
Sorens Aero

“Over the years of cooperation, BorgGalea has proven itself as a reliable partner in fast changing international business environment, providing the best and most efficient advice, always putting customers’ interests at the heart of what they do. On behalf of Ltd. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for their professionalism, dedication and tireless work. We are looking forward to achieve new business goals together in this robust partnership.”

Nikita Sobolev
Director - Ltd.

“I really enjoyed the process with Borg Galea & Associates, of whom I have been a client for the past few years. They work one-to-one with you to make sure your business receives the attention it requires. The whole team has always been prompt, professional and highly responsive. I would recommend anyone to use their services as it feels more personal than other larger providers out there. Big thanks and looking forward to keep on working with you in the future.”

Marcel Jaeger
Director - Infinium Digital Holdings.

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