Having a Registered Address in Malta

Every company which is registered in Malta must also have a registered office here in Malta. The Malta Business Registry suggests that the office of a company’s accountants, law firm or that of corporate service provider may be used as a registered address. As of 2021, the services of a registered address became more restrictive and only those authorised by the MFSA to provide such services are authorised to provide the service of Registered Address.

What is a registered address?

A registered address is an official address of the Company whereby important documents of the company and that of its officers, as well as shareholders, as the case might be can be securely delivered. This must be a place in Malta irrespective of where the business is carried out.

Are there any requirements?

At the very minimum a number of documents should be kept pertaining to the company and showing information about the owners at its registered address. Some documents (list is not an exhaustive one) includes: –

  • Incorporation documents;
  • Share registers and share certificates;
  • Annual accounts;
  • Dividend warrants;
  • And more…

Can I use my own address as a registered address?

Yes of course. However, this is not always possible for start-ups. Furthermore, if you are renting out an office or other operating space, you will need the consent of the landlord to use their premises as the registered address of the Company. 


Registered Address Services falls within the list of licensable activities as per the Company Service Providers Act and such work is transfered to our strategic partner DW&P Services Ltd., which is authorised to act as a Company Service Provider by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA).

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