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Julian has recently completed his 6th and final year at the University of Malta. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Banking and Finance and will soon be graduating with a Master’s degree in Financial Services. He contends that both courses have significantly contributed to his greater understanding of the world of finance, going on to add that reading for his Master’s degree has yielded its fruits in his line of work.

Julian’s professional career with us started off as a Junior Auditor under the University Student Program. At the time, Julian was reading for his Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) in Banking and Finance degree.

Subsequently, Julian’s role shifted to that of a Compliance Assistant, which enabled him to accumulate invaluable experience in the ever-growing field of AML/CFT. This occurred in conjunction with his studies in the Masters in Financial Services. Combining his professional and educational journeys meant that one sphere contributed to the development and progression of the other.

Julian’s positive attitude and aptitude to learn also earned him his current position of a Compliance Officer. His main responsibilities include client onboarding, monitoring and risk mitigation functions. As a Designated Person, Julian also handles the external reporting and liaising with national and supranational regulators plus supervisory bodies in the Money Laundering Reporting Officer’s (MLRO) absence.

Despite his busy work and study schedules, Julian has not lost touch with his passion for digital drawing. He states that “these activities have helped me to acquire the trait of patience, which is priceless to have in this line of work.” Julian’s future includes the perusal of a specialist certification in the Anti-Money Laundering field.

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