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Audit Confirmation Letters: Everything You Need to Know

The Use of Confirmation Letters During the course of an audit, auditors are required to obtain sufficient audit evidence on the basis of which to ...
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Why Internal Auditing Is Crucial for Your Business

Why Internal Auditing Is Crucial for Your Business

Introducing Internal Auditing  The word “audit” has now taken a new meaning. Before, an audit was only associated with the annual statutory audit conducted by ...
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Are you exempt from carrying out an audit?

Did you know that you could be exempt from carrying out a statutory audit in Malta? Many asked us if it was possible to save ...
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How to pick
your auditor

Choosing the right auditor is an important decision which firms have to make. It is likely that you will work with your auditor year-after-year and their ...
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Directors’ and Auditors’ Responsibilities

In Malta, the majority of private limited companies rely solely on their auditors to prepare the financial statements as part of the audit process. However, ...
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