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Larken holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and Marketing from the University of Malta. He is currently reading for a Master’s degree in Accountancy, also at the University of Malta, in which he is aspiring to graduate in 2023.

Before joining Borg Galea & Associates, Larken worked in various industry segments, where he gained vital knowledge and experience. Additionally, he was an intern at one of the Big 4 companies.

Larken joined Borg Galea & Associates as a Junior Auditor in 2020 and as part of the firm’s University Student Program. Since joining, Larken successfully completed and graduated with his  Bachelor of Commerce degree in Accounting and  Marketing. Concurrently, he gained valuable work experience in the audit profession by assisting the audit team in the preparation of financial statements and audit testing. Working and studying at the same time helped Larken to polish his time management skills and prioritise tasks.

Upon starting his Master’s in Accountancy, Larken’s role at Borg Galea shifted to that of an Accounting Associate. He currently leads several bookkeeping engagements and the submission of quarterly VAT returns for the firm’s client portfolio.

In his free time, Larken has a passion for sports and travelling.


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